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Squid40 is a digital products startup from London with innovation studios in Romania, home of amazing devs, designers and strategists. From MVPr, MVP, MAP to complex digital platforms, Squid40’s adaptive ecosystem exceeds partner needs and expectations, lowers costs and clears the path to investment opportunities.

Created to simplify and accelerate.
Redesigning digital outsourcing.

Accessing reliable and quality talent is a critical challenge for early stage businesses. You can’t just find your extraordinary team, you build it.
You create a culture of ambition and innovation, this takes huge investments and too much time. Squid40 simplifies the process with unrivalled product development teams and tailored outsourcing solutions.

Driven by a challenge culture.
Upgrading cross-border partnership.

Squid40 achieves digital greatness through analogue leadership.
The British founders adopt a “Side by Side” philosophy which triggers creativity and fast results. Squid40’s COO lives in the UK, overseeing client services, and the CEO lives in RO, working closely with the delivery teams. Clients enjoy real-time support and even onsite teams when needed.

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