Andrada Hufflepuff Ciocioi

Marcom Associate
I bring creativity, a dog, and a bit of weird to the table.


Dog training and teaching people about sustainable habits is what Andrada loves most, aside from using creative thinking and vision to tell inspiring stories.

In an alternative universe she’d be an Editor slash Search & Rescue Dog Handler, for now Marcom Associate with a serious podcast addiction.

Self-declared professional climate change worrier with a passion for environmental law and a deep love for activism, she’s in charge of bringing the wit to the party.



Creative Writing
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Pretentious Statements


Team Player
Creative Vision & Thinking
Eager to Learn
Passionate Debater
Attention to Detail

Hidden Talents

Dog training
Diplomatic Protocol
Environmental law
Disaronno Sour Expert Maker
You're always a bit wrong. - Hank Green