Sebastian Musician Bratu

Full Stack Developer
Concocting weird ideas in my spare time, lover of anything that works as advertised.


Sebastian is the madman-in-charge of the studio.

With a deep love for coming up with app and game ideas, he is the vlogger of the Squid Squad and always the source of a good laugh.

In an alternative universe, he’d be a YouTube creator, but for now, he’s sticking to being a Full Stack Developer with mad salad-making skills.



Front-end Development
PHP development
Nodejs development
3D Animation, Modeling & VFX
Design & UI


Building Clever Apps & Small Programs
Creative Vision
Analytical Thinking
Planning & Documentation

Hidden Talents

Making a mean salad
Singing classical opera
Taking things apart
Putting things in order
If you asked for an app that does that thing, why are you trying to make it do something else?