Oana Recovering idealist Olteanu

Head of Brand Strategy
Undercover introvert
Chameleon living an extraordinary ordinary life.


Oana is our empathetic alchemist – reshaping the strategic formulas of multidisciplinary brands for over 15 years.

Beyond her clever side, she’s a people culture catalyst who discovered many of the looney tunes in our Squid Squad, building a tight-knit family.

Our Mamma Squid always lights up curiosity and imagination in the room. We can always count on her to bring sugar treats to the party and magical candles.



Brand Strategy
Creative Direction
Customer Experience
Business Development


Strategic Thinking
Team Leadership
People Coaching
Employee Experience

Hidden Talents

Soul Listening
Deco & DIY
Cat Whispering
Amator Photography
Discovering Unknown Places
Love is the cancer. Love is the cure.