Growth stems from clever choices. By reshaping digital product development delivery & services, teams and industry standards, Squid40 unlocks business value for its partner network.

We created an agile climate which strategically morphs across leading tech stacks and emerging markets, providing tailor-made solutions.

We achieve this through tech agnostic teams who are fanatical about communication and innovation challenges.

_Fluid business ecosystem


Concept, design and infrastructure support in an intensely collaborative environment.


Amazing talent deployed onsite or moving back to the studios for ongoing delivery.

Side by Side

Tactical or impact resource teams (dev, design or product) both in the UK and RO.

Squid Equity

Equity swap for product strategy, technology, creativity and commercial solutions.

Our repeat business metric is close to 100%, most of our partners provide us with more project work or refer us to other clients.

The reason this happens is the multidisciplinary, dynamic ecosystem we designed to rapidly solve diverse digital product development needs and aspirations.

We treat each project as one of our own. No exception.

MVPr | Minimum Viable Prototype

We deliver prototypes, not standard presentations.
Digital Idea | Proof of Concept | 1st Stage Testing

We love pioneering mobile app ideas and help our partners articulate their product vision in our innovation incubator. To do this we screen the idea for vulnerabilities to avoid market or user pitfalls, we pull and push its strategic and functionality limits until we reach feasibility confirmation or veto.

MVP | Minimum Viable Product

We believe in small investments with big impacts.
Hybrid App | 1st Stage Features | Persona Testing & User Validation

Validation trumps assumption at Squid40. A strong MVP validates the core concept of a digital product, tests the idea and improves the product through strategic iteration. It can be a demo or even a functional product. We’re not aiming for perfect, we’re going for the easiest way to viable, market ready and target audience savvy.

MMP | Minimum Marketable Product

We trust intuition coupled with innovation.
Extended Hybrid | Multiple Features | Test & Review | Reiterate

Focusing on the product features which make a product unique, useful and appealing is the smartest way to reduce time to market. This is the Squid40 user-centric approach: relevance over feature rich. We deploy the early stage app and collect critical feedback from a core group of early adopters. The result? Product reiteration merges with market reality.

MAP | Minimum Awesome Product

We enable greatness through quality experiences.
Native App | Innovate | Diversify | Scale | Refine

UX is critical in the competitive early stage product world. Early customers invest more time in delightful, intuitive experiences, giving back more valuable feedback. Squid40 helps partners anticipate the target market’s needs and digital trends through innovative optimization and strategic app expansion.

_Some of our super duper clients

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